Help with Facebook Login Authentication

Hello, campers I have recently started working on a project and it requires me to implement Facebook Login Authentication. Does anyone have the prior experience of working with it? Also, I invite others to try out this as it can be a good exercise while working with Javascript and APIs.

You can use these resources for help.

Hello, i am also a beginner at the Facebook development platform, but i have already set it up so i can help you. If you are interested in working together message me i would like to help you.

Hi, sure let me know when you are available :slight_smile:

An update to this thread I’ve successfully implemented this application. Please look at this

Link not found. I am also having problems authenticating with Facebook.

What problem do you have? I dit it.

I cracked it now. It was not happy because the callback url was being passed as http not https. Once I gave it the whole URL string it worked. :+1:
I added GitHub as well. That was easy!