Help with flexbox align properties not working

Hey there! I’m practicing with flexbox on a navigation bar, but when I try to aplly the propertie “align-items” on the container nothing happens.
This is the code:

.container {
    border: solid black 2px;
    display: flex;
    height: 100%;
    align-items: center;

and this is the (no)result:

I tried also the “align-self” in ever child item but it doesn’t work either and I can’t seem to understand where the problem is. If anyone can help I’ll be very thankful!

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Hola @felinacosmica,

Todo bien?

The problem may be that the height of the items occupies 100% of the container’s height. Try giving the items a height that is less than the container’s (something like 50% for example), and then you’ll be able to see the effect of the align-items: center property.

If it’s still not doing what you want, let me know.

PS: Spanish is my first language, so if you’d prefer to ask me something in spanish (by PM), feel free to do that if it’s easier for you.

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You use justify content for this case as the default flex direction is row. Plus you have no vertical space left for align items to work.
This might help

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Thank you both! Clearly, the problem was that the items occupied the 100% of the container’s height. I just set their height to ‘auto’ and the problem was solved.

Y gracias @johnsciutto, está bueno saber que hay gente que habla español también! jaja

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