Help with git and github

I’ve been trying for some time now to get started with Git and GitHub, but the more time I spend on trying to understand those technologies the more confused I get. I don’t even know whether to download the git-client, github-client or both. So my question is: What programs/downloads are truely necessary for getting started with GitHub (forking, cloning, pushing etc. i don’t want to do the complicated stuff now)?
Which resources should i use for learning?

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I can definitely relate to this, nusli. I had a difficult time getting started with Git. I tried downloading the GitGui, or desktop tool, whatever it’s called, and it was very awkward to me and I have yet to get the hang of it. I found out that I could just use the command line (called Git Bash) and it’s been pretty easy since then (I’m a child of the 80’s when computers were all just black screens). I followed a few tutorials and wrote the basic commands, in sequence, on a large index card that is now taped to the side of my computer. Whenever I need to create a new repository and/or commit new code, I just follow the list. Now that I have it learned pretty well, I’m learning other things like forking…

Just don’t give up. :wink: Also, Git is a tool (software/application/service?) and GitHub is a site that allows users to create and share code with each other in the form of Git repositories. That little tidbit helped me get it clear in my head.

Hope that helps. You can pm me with any questions, just remember that I’m not much further down this path than you.

I’m no expert but I remember being quite confused also.
I only do the basic stuff and find the terminal is enough for me.

Have you seen this ‘Hello World’ github tutorial?

This one is a bit more in depth just for future reference:

If you’re still confused and need specific steps to do something - let me know

Still something I am figuring out. GIT-bash is a cool Linux-like command line interface, but if you put your path to GIT in your windows environment variables, you can use it from the regular windows command line as well.
I think I needed to install git and nodeJS to get PhoneGap (Cordova) working on windows, and never gave it a look until joining FCC.
So far I have managed to set up a github account, fork a repo of flappy bird in Python and clone it to my local machine. Still have to learn commits and pull requests (when I have some code worth adding).
They seem to have decent tutorials for the basics right on the github site.