Help with html - nesting anchor element within a paragraph

Hi, I’m new to freecodecamp. I’ve just started with the html basics and am stuck at an objective. I feel like I’ve done it right but I can’t seem to pass the objective. Could someone please take a look at the screenshot attached and let me know where I am going wrong? The objective is to wrap an anchor element within a paragraph. I feel like I’ve done it right and am unable to see where I am going wrong. I have highlighted my code for convenience. Thank you.

Try deleting the space before the word “cat”. Also, check that the URL you’re using in the link is right…

Deleted the space and checked the url as you’ve said but it doesn’t seem to fix it. Any other ideas? Thanks!

In the example code you have the paragraph twice — you only need the paragraph with the link once (at the top). That might be confusing things.

I did notice it and I have deleted the paragraph at the bottom. But it still remains unresolved.

Can you copy and paste your code how it is now? (Use the code icon — 6th button — in the toolbar above where you type to format it.)

The code at the top where you are completing the objectives right after the main tag is formatted correctly but you have the wrong href. Yours says “” when it should say “

It’s ok, that’s solved now, thank you for your help!

That is it!! Thanks!

No problem, be sure to mark the answer if you don’t mind!

Lol. I did say to check the link…

hahaha I thought you meant to check if the link was valid…:sweat_smile:

That has been done :slight_smile:

I am still struggling with the same. Kindly help!

If you click “ask for help” on the challenge it’ll post your code in a new post. We need to see your code to help.