Help with jQuery fadeIn

Wondering if anybody can figure out why the new quote doesn’t fade in (last line in the JS panel)? I’ve tried every combination of sequence and tested other text (instead of calling the function), but cannot get .fadeIn to work.

Hi Chuckie,

I am not sure but you can try doing something like

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You need the element to fadeOut before it will fadeIn. However, this will introduce a new problem. See if you can figure out what needs to be done.


THANK YOU, PortableStick! You’re a genius. Your hint got me on the right track of putting fadeOut first, with a second function parameter to handle the quote-generator with a fadeIn. Although it seems counter-intuitive for the first call, it’s exactly what’s needed for all subsequent calls, of course.

I could not find that hint anywhere during 2-hours of googling. If you were on Stack Overflow, I’d give you 100 up-votes. Thanks!

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Thanks, Sharashis. I used your suggestion after finding the solution with PortableStick’s hint. I had seen “this”, but hadn’t used it before . . . appreciate the learning.