Help with learning databases for complete noob

Hi guys. I want to start learning about databases having no experience with them before. I’ve had a look through some mongo/mern tutorials but trying to understand what im doing (as opposed to copying and pasting and understanding little) is really hard. Does anyone have any suggestions for complete beginners guide to back-end/databases/creating API’s that can help me understand what the hell is going on when doing back end stuff?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Aside from the FreeCodeCamp material, I really like KhanAcademy’s Intro to SQL.

You can sign up at MongoDB university, its free.

There’s also SQL Database Fundamentals by Microsoft.

Would really help you to download the (now FREE) Developer Edition of MS SQL and practice creating database/tables and running some Transact SQL to see how you can manipulate data or query the table, and other advance concepts like JOINS.