Help with my portfolio challenge

Hi there,
I’m having 2 Q about my code,
this is my proj:

1.Some how my pic went left don’t know Y :slight_smile:2
2. When I make my text bigger he lost his center to the right
3, and I don’t know how to make a space between a one H1 ( or p, h2 etc’)

If anyone could help me It will make my day…
(for couple of min until my next stop point)


left: 50%;

on centered class is pushing your text so that it starts at the midpoint on the container. That makes it too far to the right

Instead, try making the .centered class fill up the width of the container (width:100%) and then making it’s text-align centered…

Hi, Iv try it and now the pic and text are in the center, but the text went after pic and still can’t make the pic full width…

If you can had explanation to the solution It would be very helpfull :slight_smile:


What you want is the image as the background of the class=“centered”?

  1. you might want to check the

No idea what you asking about for number 1 and number 2 questions so can’t help on that two.

what did u ment about the tags?

kinda Id like my pic to be in full width, you can say side to side, the text to be above the pic, in the center…

after fixing couple of things I left with 2 problems…
1.shifting all of the menu to the right
2. and centering the text

someone plz?