Help with my Portfolio Page!

I can’t get my links in the navigation to change color when you hover over them! what am I doing wrong?

Here is the page:

Also, cant figure out how to get rid of the white line between the navigation and background?

a li:hover {
color: green;

just like that)

Please don’t wrap your <li> tags in <a>, it should be the other way around. It’s a list item (the li) that contains a link, if that helps.

I mostly used the developer tools to figure out which elements were styled by Bootstrap. The white border is a border on .navbar-default so I set that to border:none. For your hover colours, I copied the actual line that was setting the colour to override it. Is this best practice for handling Bootstrap stuff, I’m not exactly sure but it worked?

Edited pen here.

.navbar-default { border: none; }

navbar-default .navbar-nav>li>a:hover{ color: green }

Awesome! now how do i change the text from grey to white as its overriding my list item

Style the a tag (without the hover) with color: white;