Help with Pomodoro Clock failing display test #8

Hi can someone take a look at my code I would really appreciate it. I got everything working except test #8.

time-left is not formatted correctly: expected '25' to equal '60'

I had this issue too and I’ve just figured it out. The value I had in the “time-left” element wasn’t updating when the session and break values were being incremented or decremented.

I changed the function to update my ‘time’ state as well as the ‘sessionValue’ and ‘breakValue’ states.

This is the function

  handleSetTimers = (inc, type) => {
    if (this.state[type] === 60 && inc) return
    if (this.state[type] === 1 && !inc) return
    let newValue = this.state[type] + (inc ? 1 : -1);
    if (type === "sessionValue"){
        sessionValue: newValue,
        time: newValue * 60
    } else {
        breakValue: newValue

This is the whole project:

THANK YOU!!! @Sophieihpos! I was stuck on this one test for so long.