Help with Product Landing Page project

my codepen

i havent finished writing all the css code yet, but in the middle i am stuck…
when you look at a glance, it looks it doesn’t have any issue, but when i try to scale the window to look its responsiveness, it looks like thishelp

i want it to be aligned. also i know the css codes look a bit messy, still a noob here.
and i am still confused about when to use max-width and width, is it really efficient to center a element the way i do? (look at css .icon)

Thanks for the help

You are not controlling the width ratio between your description container and your icon container. Maybe try using some ratio of flex-grow on those

Looks like you fixed it from taking a peak at it. Another way of solving it would be employing grid or flexbox. Are you familiar with either of those?

Hi, using flex-grow on those doesn’t fix it :confused: , tried before. Still not aligned properly when i scale down the viewport.

Hi, well i have already used flexbox for this. Should i try use grid?