Help with .py .yml

Hi, guys! I need urgent help.

First of all I have a VPS and my machine.

I have a .py and .yml code, which need each other to run.

If I open only .py it opens and closes. Now if I drag the .yml to open it over the .py it works and runs.

On my pc this way works well, in VPS I can’t drag it up, I don’t have the option. So the code doesn’t work because I can’t open .yml on top of .py.

There is some way to force open the two together, I don’t know. Because on my pc it works this way, on vps I can’t.

Why on my pc can I do this (W10 PRO) and on my VPS which is also W10 PRO does not have this option ??

Hello @thomazbene, welcome to the forum.

I would like to read the files in order to give you an advice.
However you can try run both files from a bat file.