Help with regex (why does my regex match this string)

Hello! I am working on the Telephone Number Validator project and am struggle to understand why this regex is returning as true when tested against certain strings.
My regex is:


and the string that it matches is:


Though given the regex I feel like it should match a string which has exactly 10 or exactly 11 digits because I specifically define how many digits it should have in each spot? I am misunderstanding something somewhere that is always this string to have more digits.

I personally struggle hard with RegEx. It helps me better when I use a visualizer. You can search Google and try to find others, but my personal bookmark is:

You can put examples of the tests in there and kind of see what is going on.

you have nothing that say that your match must be of the whole string, so it is matching a part of the string - the 10/11 digits and returning true