Help with spacing of elements and text

I’m floating along here, trying not to feel lost, but when it comes to the positioning of elements I just can’t seem to get things to move where I want them to be! I don’t really even know where to start? Am I thinking about this too much??

Here’s my project so far:

I’d like to get the label text on the left-side of each input element, with the input elements on the right-side. I’m not even quite sure where to begin with this. Any direction, help, or useful resources would be greatly appreciated!

I’m on the same project.

While copying and pasting defeats the purpose of learning, it looks like you are trying to set it up like the example project has it.

If you look down through the markup, you can see each of the (we’ll call them) categories (Name, Email, Age, etc) all have a div class set to “RightTab”.

If you review the CSS, you will see the attributes(?) assigned to .RightTab and you can see how this was put together.

Some of it will be trial and error.

Being new like you, I’m not sure it did, but I hope it helps in some way.

Interesting anecdote; I recently watched a youtube video with a guy who designs websites for companies for a living. He uses some website with pre-generated templates and then just enters the company’s info in it.

Our purpose is to learn, so copying and pasting does us no good; but this hopefully at least excuses the guilt of dissecting something correct to be able to build your own.