Help with spam emails on my WordPress site

I’m hoping someone in here is a website security pro.

I am using Contact Form 7 plugin for my forms. I added Honeypot plugin to add a hidden field and even changed the email address associated with the forms. I had 483 spam emails today after checking my emails yesterday. I have 2 other WP websites that don’t get anywhere that amount of spam email - it’s like this one is being targeted for some reason.

I’m on Siteground and they have a spam protection tool called SolarWinds but I don’t understand how to use their tool. I was using the email address on my resume but I had to switch it to my Gmail address. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

There was a thread on this here recently. The good news is your form is working. If you are using a honeypot field, then you need some code on the backend (in the plugin or elsewhere) to detect that it was filled, respond as if everything was fine, and not send an email. I recommend keeping a record of all responses so that you can scan the spam and make sure a legitimate message wasn’t filed there by accident by someone accidently filling the honeypot field.

Presumably this is easy to do in wp as it’s trivial to do in most backend frameworks.

The field is hidden, only a bot could fill it out. How would I get a record of responses, and what responses?