Help with technical documentation page, navbar placement

Hi I’ve completed my documentation page apart from one error which I can’t fix, which is the first one in the layout section. It has to do with the navbar placement.
Here is my pen,, can someone take a look and explain what I’m doing wrong, thank you.

ps: the #navbar in my css is on line 251

Hey @win20, I’ve just looked at your codepen and is it possible if you could explain what you wanted the nav-bar to appear like in detail.

Hi thank you for the reply, and it’s not really about what I want it’s more about completing the specification, if you run the test on the top left you will see that my website misses out on one of the criteria which says:
" 1. On regular sized devices (laptops, desktops), the element with id=“navbar” should be shown on the left half of the screen. It should always be visible to the user and should remain stationary. You may need to enlarge the viewport or zoom out to ensure the navbar doesn’t scroll with the page content."

Visually, I’m pretty sure this criteria is complete, my navbar is on the left and I’ve used the an ID of #navbar as instructed. I’ve also set the postion to fixed but the error still appears.