Help with the Tests of Product Landing Page

Hi, can someone please help me with this Product Landing Page project test?
I have my navigation bar positioned fixed at the top, but the test still fails on this:

1. The navigation bar should always be at the top of the viewport.

link: Project CodePen

Thank you.


I believe that putting position fixed on your navbar we’ll fix your test problem

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It worked!
So simple … and I tried so much that it did not work. As I left one of the children as fixed (and worked as expected to navbar, but did not pass the test), I thought that would be another problem.

Thanks for the help!

You are welcome.

Sometimes it is not so much that your solution does not work but more that the tests cannot confirm that it worked. You have to figure out from the error messages what exactly is causing the test to fail.

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The problem is that I thought it was a bigger problem than it really was and tried to fix it in so many confusing ways. :laughing:

I will improve my reading of these tests. Because I do not understand English fluently, sometimes it confuses me too.

Thank you for all the tips and help.

Best regards!