Help with unitialized variables

// Only change code below this line

var a;

var b;

var c;

a = 5;

b = 10;

c = “I am a”;

// Only change code above this line

a = a + 1;

b = b + 5;

c = c + “String!”;

can someone help me, still
// running tests


should not contain


and should have a value of “I am a String!” You should not change code below the specified comment. // tests completed

you need to complete these three lines, not create new ones

var a = 5;

var b = 10;

var c = "I am a";

still an error

adding those three lines in the challenge instead of the three declaration, the challenge passes for me

what error do you get? what’s your whole code?

you have changed the part of code you should not change

c has value of "I am aString!" instead of how it should be, "I am a String!"

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Please let me see a Screenshoot of the code that has passed for for you.
thank you

you have changed code below the line, you need to reset the code

thanks after reset it works