Help with wikipeida Viewer!

Hello. please help me tell me where is the error
the for loop doesn’t work for me

Are you sure your success function is even being called?

Put a console.log(repons) inside the success function, to check if it being called.

I don’t know where is the problem??

the console tell me the “repons[1].length” is not defined

What are you entering into the search form?

yes the success function is work correctly

When I enter Bee and select Bee or Beef and click the Wiki Search button, nothing shows in the console when I put console.log(‘success was called’); as the first line of the success funciton.

console.log(repons); it work for me !!! it get the success repons

OK, if you are getting data back, is it in an array format in which you can iterate via a for loop?

this is my for loop but doesn’t work !!

for(var i = 0; i < repons[1].length; i++) {
    $("#output").append("<div class='well'><a href="+repons[3][i]+"><h2>" + repons[1][i]+ "</h2>" + "<p>" + repons[2][i] + "</p></a></div>");