Heroku Deployment

Hi… would appreciate if someone could spare the time to take a look at what is wrong with my timestamp code. At this point I have spent more time trying to deploy this thing online than actually coding it and its getting ridiculous. It works just fine locally but once deployed to Heroku it crashes with:
at=error code=H10 desc=“App crashed” method=GET path="/" host=warm-bayou-42337.herokuapp.com request_id=5dcb519b-cb5c-447b-8512-97e78ae0a2bc fwd=“” dyno= connect= service= status=503 bytes= protocol=https

. From what I’ve read online its most commonly due to hard-coding of port but express generator has already written it as (process.env.PORT || ‘3000’) so that shouldn’t be the problem at hand.


What does the rest of the log say?

Hahaha you are always the one replying to my questions. Thanks! Anyway I redid everything in a clean folder, git init and all and it is now alright. The log just kept repeating more of that and eventually tried restarting itself forever…
https://mighty-fjord-31288.herokuapp.com/ <–The working one.