Heroku, what am I doing?

Just had 2 goes at creating an app on Heroku.
Note the app works fine on my cloud 9 workspace.

Connect via Git from Heroku’s website but that just says:
Heroku | Welcome to your new app!
Refer to the documentation if you need help deploying.

Using the official instructions at

Which gives me a “Chat Example”

Anyone got any clues?

package.json was missing this:
"scripts": { "start": "node express.js" },
I seem to have muddled through by editing package.json on GitHub.
I failed to push the changes from C9 after doing …
git add --all
git push
git push heroku master

^^ something wrong here???

Looks like git commit is missing.

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At what step should that go? At the end?

git add --all
git commit -m 'Here you write commit message'
git push
git push heroku
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I think you missed a few stages out.
During the Git upload you may need to add .env and .gitignore
My notes now (from command line / cloud 9 Bash):

heroku login
heroku create (application-name-of-choice)
git push heroku master

optional - start the app… heroku ps:scale web=1