Hey everyone-Please help

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Hello everyone…I hope you are safe and in your home…Hopeyou are ok…I just wanted little help on this lesson…I have understand what I should do and I did it but is wrong…Can you help me to solve it??

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  // Add your code below this line
   const scale = d3.scaleLinear()
  .domain([250, 500])
  .range([10, 150]);
  const output = scale(50);
  // Add your code above this line
  const output = scale(50);

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Challenge: Set a Domain and a Range on a Scale

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What do the failing tests say?

That's what my failing test is saying..

Edit: not really sure I got that edit right, I may have correct some mistake in the process. Sorry. Can you check your code and see?

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You’ve got the variable declaration for output in there twice.

Ohhh my god…How stupid i was…Thank you so much for helping…