Hi! I need some help!

I’m trying to push all created objects into an array, but I get the error “Can not read property push ()”

var Student = function(name,surName,rating){
    this.name = name;
    this.surName = surName;
    this.rating = rating;
    this.fullName = function(){
        console.log(this.name + " " + this.surName +" "+"Середній бал"+" "+ this.avarage(this.rating));
    this.avarage = function(arr){
        var sum = 0;
            sum += Number(element)/arr.length;
    return sum.toFixed(2);
    Student.listStudent.push({...arguments});   // .  **_In this place <======I don't understand why ?
    this.getAll = function(){
        return Student.listStudent;
var listStudent = [,];
var showAllStudent = function(){
var showBestStudent = function(){

var std = new Student('Ivan','Doshenko',[3,4,5,4,2]);
var std2 = new Student('Boris','Gabenko',[5,4,3,4,5,4]);

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You refer to Student.listStudent inside your Student function, but you never declare a property named listStudent inside the Student function. Since listStudent is declared outside the Student function, why not just declare listStudent as an array outside the Student function like:

var listStudent = [];

and then insdie the Student function you would push to it like:


then your console.log statement would be:

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