Hi! just a noob that needs help with some easy C programming

This is a 2D array problem

and I’m trying to build a program that computes the maximum and the minimum.

I built this one following this sample program:

it looks completely similar in format but it won’t compile for me :frowning: please help!

Not an expert here but here are some things I see

  • Your forward declaration (function signature on top) should be the same as the one in the one from actual implementation
  • I think you’re on the right track with http://c-faq.com/aryptr/pass2dary.html
  • Since arrays and pointers can be used somewhat interchangably it might also work with int** for the 2d array (Which is a pointer to an int pointer)
  • The reason why the example code doesn’t have the problem is because it doesnt have to deal with 2d arrays.