Hi, need some help on step 30 "learn more about css pseudo selectors by building a balance sheet"


My code:

span[class~="sr-only"] {
  border = 0;

Step 30

Before you get too far into your styling, you should make use of the sr-only class. You can use CSS to make elements with this class completely hidden from the visual page, but still be announced by screen readers.

The CSS you are about to write is a common set of properties used to ensure elements are completely hidden visually.

The span[class~="sr-only"] selector will select any span element whose class includes sr-only. Create that selector, and give it a border property set to 0.

The hint:

Your span[class~="sr-only"] selector should have a border property set to 0.
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Challenge: Step 30

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just a semicolon after border missing, remove the “=”, then it should work.

thanks man… just had to change “=” to “:”