Hosting recommendations for building websites to play around with?

Hi everyone,

I’m just in the beginning parts of my FCC journey but would like to make a few websites for personal use that would also allow me to start using my new found coding skills. So are there any commonly recommended hosting services in our community that aren’t too advanced, but still hands off enough that I can learn as I go? I’ve used things like Wix and Squarespace a few times in the past, but they’re such idiot proof, drag and drop styles that I don’t think I’ll be learning much with them.

Any tips are appreciated and thanks in advance!

For STATIC site hosting, check out
No FTP (file transfer protocol), just command line.
But if you only need to change one file, you’d have to re-upload the whole site. (not bad if it’s just a small site with few files, but as your site grows, it becomes ridiculous.)

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I’m a little worried that a fully static website might be a little too advanced for me at the moment. I do like the idea of using purely HTML, but the websites I want to work on are ultimately going to be business related for myself and some friends, so I still need them to be somewhat functional.

Is it always a kind of all or nothing option with hosting? Like it’s either static, where you’re completely on your own, or totally dynamic where they hold your hand with everything?

I think you misunderstood me… static website hosting is just pure html (+ Js running on browser).

Static hosting means no server-side code running, that means, no PHP, no C#, no database, or javascript running on the server (JS running on the browser is fine).


Right, I got that a static website is pure HTML, but I think it would be a little too advance for me at this stage in my learning. Ultimately I’d like to make some business pages for myself and my friends, but would like to use a hosting service that is a little more involved than ones like squarespace and wix. But not necessarily static where it’s 100% HTML.

I personally use to host my several business and personal sites. Low monthly fee, unlimited domains, unlimited sites, and you can install whatever package, database, etc. that you want. Wanna play with WordPress, mySQL, PHP, Wikis, Shopping Cart software, CMS, etc. it’s all there for you to install.

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Nice! I’ve heard from a few places now that a lot of people seem to like BlueHost. The unlimited domains part would certainly be nice if I was to have multiple sites on the go.

Are you saying you want something that provides a framework or template for a starter site and also allows you to edit and configure it?

Most shared hosting providers have tools that allow you to install a website, blog, cms, etc from the control panel. Then you can edit either in an online file manager (not the best option) or by downloading the files via ftp and editing them offline and uploading the changes.

You could also do something like find a template on codepen and then fork it and edit it. CodePen Templates

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This is my go-to for static sites. Heroku for fullstack sties.

I was thinking about something more along the lines of a framework or template, but the CodePen option is interesting, I didn’t know that you could do that. It would certainly tie in nicely with FCC as I go through it.