Hot linking FCC Logo?

Hey folks,

I am allowed to hot link the main FCC logo:

into my codepen projects?



I’m sure it won’t make a massive difference to the FCC servers, but it would be better practice for you to recreate it.

The FCC logo is included in the Font Awesome dev icons now, and the font used by FCC for the logo is ‘saxmono’


Ah excellent!

I have just found this based on your info but I would love to do the full logo!


Also FCC is opensource on github, so that means every code and file on their github repo can be used :3 I’m sure there are limitations, but using a logo doesn’t seem like bad :3 I mean, lots of people use it…

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That is not a bad idea too cheers man :slight_smile:

P.S. Still enjoying your books :wink:

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