How about my calculator

I want you to comment on my calculator and what I can improve.
Here is the link

Hi @studentdeveloper19!

Welcome to the forum!

We currently can’t see your project. Can you post the link?

Here is the link @jwilkins.oboe.

I think it looks goods and works well.

Just remember to include the test suite when you submit your project.

Also, when you post links in the forum you don’t need to add the backticks.

Keep up the good work!

Thank you for you comments.

@jwilkins.oboe At what point or topic are you on the development path?

I am in the third certification on the react section but haven’t worked on the lesson this week because I have been working on my personal project. Temporarily pressed paused on FCC to wrap up this project and then will resume with react. Hopefully I can finish this project before christmas :smile:

How about moving the calculations to the top-left instead of the top, calculations on the top-left and result in the bottom right?

What kind of project are you doing? If you can tell :grinning:

It`s good idea, i will do it in the new version. :smiley:

Good luck! :smiley:, looking forward to see the newer version!

My first project is a website for black composers of past and present. So there are individual composer profiles, quizzes and currently working on a music player that uses the spotify api so hopefully people can play songs on the website. It has been fun and frustrating at the same time but a really good learning experience.

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Good luck! the project looks interesting!

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It works well, just get rid of the react favicon and replace it with your own,

Functionally you could also let it work with the number keys if you were inclined to do so,