How Best To Github with Back End Course

I’m trying to do the Back End Development course and I want to do it using Git to clone the necessary files. I’ve started the first task and cloned the repo and added myself as the author and learned how to add and commit changes and now have a nice local copy of what I want to submit, but now I’m stuck. My understanding of Git is that if I were to try to run git push origin master it would attempt to push my author change back to the freeCodeCamp repo and would ask me for authentication I do not have. But I want to host it on my github so I can put that githubs url into freeCodeCamp right? So do I have to create a new remote and then push the project there? Is this good practice in coding to clone someone’s project and then post it to your github with a minor change? I feel like it is absolutely not okay, but I’m very new. What are folks’ workflow for freeCodeCamps courses?

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You don’t need to go through all of that trouble of pushing changes to github or creating a new repository.
For these challenges, you can submit the local host link.

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Holy moly that is seriously amazing! Thank you!
So what is really going on though? npm install must install something that lets the site and my computer talk? That’s wild! Does it explain later on in the course what I just did?

npm stands for node package manager and when you run npm install for a project it will install the project’s dependencies.
The dependencies are defined in the package.json file.
When you run that command you should see a node modules folder that was added.
If you open that folder you will see dozens of folders inside which contain the dependencies needed to successfully run your project locally.
The reason why it is not included when you first cloned the repo was because you don’t want to push your node modules folder to github or to production sites for that matter because it will slow down your site.

Hope that helps!

It will explain the basics but you can also read more about it in articles like this one.

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