How can a camper get on the FCC leaderboard?

I just submitted my camper leaderboard challenge and noticed the campers list with scores and else.
How can a camper get on the leaderboard?
What are the pre-requisites to get on the leaderboard?
What would be the strategy to get there?

I wouldn’t try to get on the leaderboard. It is pretty much based off of how many gitter brownie points you recieve. You would be more beneficial to the community by contributing on the forums or on GitHub then trying to improve your leaderboard position on Gitter. But, if you really like Gitter, answer a lot of questions. Every time someone mentions you and says thank you, you get a brownie point. Again, this is somewhat bias as you may not get thanked even though you helped, you might have been thanked but were not really helpful, it does not include forum contributions, and it does not include GitHub contributions. If you want to do a fully relevant leaderboard, you could probably get data from GitHub, the forum, and Gitter… but just try to help out - don’t worry about your position, everyone that helps is important and a great asset for our community!

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shots fired

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I’m just teasing. You’re right of course. I was acknowledging that the vast majority of my brownie points come from being a greeter. :stuck_out_tongue:

Greeters gonna greet.

You’d do it without the brownie points :slight_smile: