How can I have the same property of a JavaScript object hold different values?

I’m working with Firebase with vanilla JavaScript and I’ve realized I’m dealing with the following issue.

let title_confirm = document.querySelector("#story-title").value;
let chapter_title = document.querySelector("#chapter-title").value;
let chapter_part = document.querySelector("#chapter-part").value;

firebase.database().ref( + “'s Stories/” + title_confirm + “/Chapters”).set({
chapter_title: chapter_title,
chapter_part: "Part for → " + chapter_title + " ==> " + chapter_part

What I’m trying to do is, I want the same properties (chapter_title, chapter_part) to stay the same, but I want the keys to hold different values.

However, whenever sending the data to Firebase, I’ve realized that the data gets replaced with the most recent data I send instead of adding another bit of data to the database.

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