How can i make all of my texts forms and buttons responsible?

Hi everyone.

I am having some troubles to make texts, buttons and forms responsible for the website. I resize the window and just the background image changes with it, but not texts, form and buttons.

May you help me?


The reason is because your background image is a relative size to the site, but your font/buttons are fixed (as in your font is always 12pt (which is something like 12 pixels tall and wide don’t quote me on that)) So basically if you want to resize the font you can either go to each value and change the size or there may be something that resizes based on window size?

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Okay to make your font change with the window size you use font size (or measurement anyone know what the proper name for this is?) vw. So for about size 12pt font you would use font-size: 4vw; And for your sake size 40pt would be about 13-14vw. Hope this is what you were looking for.
After looking back over this I’m not positive if this is the right way to do this, it seems like you’re supposed to have a specific value for each screen size or something strange like this? Also the way to change the button size would be to adjust the padding, if that helps at all.

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I saw you liked my replies did I solve your problem?

I did what you told but it still the same. I mean i don’t really know how to fix that.
I searched even in other languages but i can’t get the idea. have a look in how it’s looking. :slight_smile: