How can I put the text aside of the input?

Hi guys. Please I need your help. How can I put the text next to the radio input type and type checkbox? The text doesn’t appear on the same line, so I want it to be placed more structured.

In the left is what I want, the right is how I currently have my code.

I recommend having the input (type button) element nested INSIDE the label element with houses the text, for each button and text. For example:

Personal Account

I have the code like that way. I will give you an example:

Ok, thanks for showing me the code. One more suggestion: try having the outer ‘div’ as a ‘fieldset’ element instead.

I remember having the same problem but can’t remember how I solved it. I’m not sure whether these style commands for labels help:
label {
display: block;
margin: 0.5rem 0;

I already prove that but I can’t know what is the problem :frowning: thanks anyway

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