How can I remove this? Please need help

Please help me with my website problem. I can’t even find or remove the green thing and can’t even change the fonts never change. It’s so light! I am okay with it if the fonts color can be change but it wont? But whenever I edit the dreamweaver html. It works properly including the fonts color. but when I update it in the my website domain. the black color turns into bluesh green? and the color this is still the same

This is what it looks like when making it LIVE in dreamweaver and my desktop

This is what it looks like in website

This are the CSS and can’t even find where is the green color came from cause can’t find any hex color of it. Including the fonts color which won’t be updated whenver updating my website html but works very fine in my dreamweaver?

Please I really need this to be solve :frowning:

Just looking at your homepage and digging through the dev tools - it looks as though you have applied the colour you don’t like on line 362 of your style.css file - this is where your primary-section class is styled. Change that from background-color: #339999 to background-color: black and see if that makes a difference.

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That was the main problem. look in my dreamweaver code. It clearly says #0D0D0D not #339999. That what my html in desktop try to show. It’s black. however, when I try to open it in my domain website with the same html. The black turns out greenish blue or #339999. can you help what is the real main problem here? can’t even find the code of #339999 after checking my whole css code?

I suspect that the file that is hosted is not the file you are looking at in Dreamweaver.

Perhaps the CSS file is cached on your server, so it serves up the ‘old’ one?

Is it your own CSS file, or a bootstrap one?

Good news. I have fix it. I delete and install the css style again and it works. It’s a glitch

More over. I would now like to discuss in regards to the map. why it’s not work? this is the code

I can’t see a map on your site, and don’t think I’ll have much insight reading your whole JS file out of context.

I’d recommend starting a new question since this thread is solved.

In your question provide working links to the live site in question, and explain the problem. What do you want to happen? What is actually happening? When did it break? What do you think the problem might be? What have you tried already to solve it?

Providing this context will help others help you better :slight_smile:

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I am sorry if I have offended anyone. I am just excited that I have solved the problem with my own. Because it takes me 3 days to resolve the problem in regards to the color of my website.

Okay. Let me answer question.

Problem here is that the following css style code color #0D0D0D wouldn’t work in the ipage. I have contacted the ipage toll livechat. They even hired a specialist. BUt it has not been resolved. Therefore, I suddenly think of an idea and ask if I can delete and upload the css file maybe it might solved the problem then I was right.

There’s a glitch going on the site so if you are using ipage and you feel terrible for why the css or any code aren’t updated or working your ftp. you may delete and re-install again the file.

The common problem is not within the html or css code. It is the ipage. But atleast it works fine now.

I will just create a new topic in regards to the map. Thank Jackson :wink: close thread.