How can I report a bug in FCC? (not a challange bug but service itself)

Hi guys,

I’m wondering where can I report a minor aesthetic bug in FCC? I know there is a section dedicated for bugs in each challange but is there a place where I can report global thing like this:

I mean the difference of color tone between favicons of the FCC website and this FCC forum.

I know it’s not an end of the world but it caught my eye :wink:

Yes - we are aware of this and are waiting for an updated set of favicons. We should have these uploaded soon.

Ok, great :slight_smile: By the way - the FCC is just amazing! Thank you.

I actually thought the color difference was intentional so as to help tell them apart.

This one doesn’t need to be reported, but in the future you can open site-wide bug reports at . Just do a search to see if there is already an issue. If so you may be able to provide more detail to the existing report.