How can you get Redux to work in CodePen?

I am currently working on the Random Quote Generator. I have it working with React alone, but also want to use Redux, just for practice. I have tried to make it work for hours, and finally decided to try to get the React and Redux: Extract Local State into Redux freeCodeCamp lesson to work on CodePen, but even that is not being rendered. I have the Babel JavaScipt Preprocessor enabled and added the React, ReactDOM, Redux, and React-Redux external sources. Here is a link to my rendition of the freeCodeCamp lesson. Thanks for any help.

Btw, I just edited the ReactDOM.render(), but the lesson still does not show.

I can’t remember if it can go in the JS settings, or whether it has to be linked in the head (which you add in the HTML settings). Access like Redux.createStore etc

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Looks like it is on the window object window.ReactRedux (when looking at the Codepen (index.html) context).

BTW, you have the HTML twice and you didn’t close the head element correctly.

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Thanks a lot for your help! I noticed that my issue was that I was using ReactDOM.render(<Container/>, document.getElementById('react-redux-component'));, instead of ReactDOM.render(<AppWrapper/>, getElementById('react-redux-component'));, when I was trying to render the freeCodeCamp lesson. I thought you could just pick the container component and render it.

I finally built the Random Quote Generator with React and Redux! Now I just have to style it. Thanks again!