How do I Create More Tests for the Binary Agents Challenge

Referenced challenge.

I’ve generally tried to apply a test-driven development methodology to writing answers to the challenges. But, the binary agents problem leaves me in the dark as I don’t have a single idea as to how I could write another test. Without writing a full solution, how might I write another test to better understand the binary agents problem?

So, I could just write conditionals, or use an object to lookup values, and write a function which produces those outputs. But, if I have to write another test which I haven’t known what gets input to it until after I’ve already written the code, then I can’t use that method.

The tests have already been written to check your results so you don’t have to write your own tests.

I’ve found that I get a bit better of understanding by writing some tests of my own. Unlike other problems, I’m completely lost as to how to even write a test for this problem.