How do I enlarge weather icons?

I am using the openweathermap api to get my icons. However, they are of a fixed size. How do I enlarge them?
Thanks in advance.

Do you have a CodePen you could link to?

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I suppose you could add something like: img{ width: 100px; } or whatever.

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@BenGitter Thanks! I will give it a try.

@PortableStick yes it is
It is still in an initial stage and needs a lot of work.

Slight offtopic, but if you are using openweathermap you should check out this thread.

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@jenovs I didn’t know that. Thanks for informing me.

In the icon’s class in the CSS, put this:

font-size: 2em;

Or any size to replace the 2. For example, the weather icons I used are prefaced with a “wi”, so to change their size you would put:

.wi {
  font-size: 2em;

I hope this helps!


Thanks for your advice! I will try that, but I hope the icons don’t get blurred.

They shouldn’t, they’re icons not images :slight_smile:

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