How do I fix this white gap?

So, i am creating this website and i gave a background color. but in the last of the page, there is this white gap.

<div class="b-g">
  .b-g {
    background-color: pink;
    height: 700px;

I f i am doing something wrong, please tell me.
P.S. how do you insert an image for background? like this website

Try searching for universal selector and see what that can do for you.

What have you searched for and found that you don’t understand?
What have you tried.

It’s too easy to ask for answers. FCC promotes the Read Search Ask method. If you’re going to ask for answers you should be able to show what you’ve tried and what you’ve searched and what you don’t understand. As a developer a lot of your time is going to be spent researching. Turning to the person next to you and asking “how do I do this” is not a viable option.

that looks like it is the one that is the given example, did you mean to put that one, or did you want to put the one you are making?

because i don’t see a white gap anywhere.

Sorry i didn’t add the picture.
here it is

The white gap around the bottom and sides? you just need to make the background color of the body the same pink you have in the div, the div is a box that always has a gap around the edges because it is like a box. So just change the background color to the same color of pink.

The gap around the sides is the default body margin. You can remove it with

body {
  margin: 0;

A div has no gap around its edges, unless you give it a margin. Which is exactly why the body has that white border around it. It has a default margin of 8px.

yeah, that is less confusing