How do I get the background div to fill the whole top half?

I made a green border to show myself what it was covering, it looks like not enough. I want it to basically be the same as the top half of the black border starting at the horizontal rule and going upwards.


I apologize, but I don’t understant your problem. Could you describe more precisely your problem ? Maybe make a drawing of whay you’d like to achieve ?

There is a green border and a black border. I want the green border to trace the black border form the top half of the <hr> tag. Right now it’s just a rectangle sitting in the top half.

In your CSS, there is this line in your #card : padding-top: 70px;

With this, your div will never reach the top. Try to remove it, and see if you like it.

To perfectly match the borders, I don’t see any other option than applying the same border-radius to it.

The problem with that is that it moves the circle thumbnail picture up too. I want the thumbnail pic to stay in the same spot.

You need to give the padding-top to your #background. If you have troubles with the border-radius of the card then, you can either give it overflow:hidden, or set border-radius:25px 25px 0 0 on the #background.

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