How do I make in javascript [object: object: object]

So Im trying to get something like this in my json file

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  • Im trying to get the data object to go in my createID statement but I dont know how to make 3 objects that look like my json file in javascript, I looked through many forums and w3school but none show how to make [object: object: object], I tried doing:
playerArea data.[]= {usedactivate: 0}

with no luck because its incorrect I dont know how to make this statement and I require help its been 2 days working on this small code of how to make [object: object: object] and Im really fusterated…
A simple example of how to add data object to [] would be gladly apprieciated. Example help…
The issue im having is I need to get fs.readFile to read my data but I cannot call it to read [] so I need to make a data object to hold the player usernames then call fs.readFile to read “data”.

  "data": {
    "♡Yuzi♡": {
      "usedactivate": 0
    "Cytonic": {
      "usedactivate": 0

From Something like this:

  1. playerArea is the json file
  2. [] is the username of player
  3. createID is empty {}
    if(playerArea[] === undefined) {
      createID [] = {
        registy: usedactivate: 0

If the problem you are having is reading from a file, then what you are probably missing is JSON.parse() on the data from the fs.readFile.

The example you provided is an object which contains nested objects, but the property names do not match the ones you are describing.
You have an object that contains an object with the name “data” which contains two properties named “:heart:Yuzi​:heart:” and “Crytonic”. Both of these are objects that contain a property named “usedactivate”.