How do i Open my html page on my phone?

I’m about to complete the HTML course, and i wanted to play around and use some of what i have learned so i installed visual studio code on my PC and made a web page(My first one). It looks good on my PC but i wanted to see it in my smartphone, So i Copied my HTML, CSS and other linked images to my phone and placed all in the same folder. But as I open the HTML, the images and CSS does not load. Its just text. :smiling_face_with_tear: How do i do it?

Deploy it using Github Pages. There are many tutorials about it in the internet :slight_smile: Good luck!

thanks, but i don’t want to deploy, i just wanted to see while its under development. just like how my webpage opens on my PC without internet :confused:

I see. But you can’t just open html in your phone and it will render it like a webpage. You might need an app from the app store.

Ohhh I didn’t know that. Thank you so much :hugs:


You can use stuff like codepen. You can enter the html part in the html section, and you can preview it as if it were a live page. You can use codepen on your computer or phone


Thanks… I’ll definitely try this out :heart:

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