How do i publish my own quote on freecodecamp

I have a quote i wanna show.

this is the file containing the quotes

you can make your proposal by creating an issue or pull request on the github repository

Done also thank you for the way to show a quote

I don’t see a new PR or issue, make sure to open one if you want your proposed quote to be taken into consideration

I’m not sure this is quite in the spirit intended for the motivational quotes: when you asked “how do I publish my own quote” I think people may have assumed you meant that you’ve found a famous quote that would fit, rather than you making up a quote, writing it in garbled English, and citing yourself

This is so nice! I think I’ll try it too :slight_smile:

Again, same caveat applies. If you’re trying to score internet points by getting your motivational “quote” live, bear in mind the code containing the change gets reviewed by actual real people. They may well decide scoring internet points is not a good enough reason for altering the code of the FCC web application.

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