How do I refer to Program Files folder?

I m facing trouble in referring the folder into WSL .image

cd ProgramFiles I assume, you a. don’t put paths to things in quotes and b. If you’re trying to access a folder, you want to move the current directory to it (cd mydirectory)


Yeah, you wanna use cd directoryname to navigate. It’s also important to keep in mind, that the linux terminal is case sensitive (program != Program).
If you navigate Windows file structure under linux TAB is your best friend, as it autocompletes directory names with spaces and wraps them in quotation marks.

As far as I know you need the Quotes, when the directory name has a space in it (which happens in windows directories, eg. Program Files).

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Oh I missed the space

cd Program\ Files

Should work; I’ve never tried to put dirnames/filenames in quotes, I always just escape the spaces

THANKS .I fixed the problem.