How do I reopen a closed issue on the GitHub repo?

I opened issue # 44830 and it was closed and reassigned by and to ShaunSHamilton. Shaun then created a PR fix(client): adjust editor positioning #44954 to fix the issue but it doesn’t seem to be fixed.

In the issue, I link to 3 steps in the RWD Beta Penguin section where the instructions are not visible when the page loads. Further down I list all the other steps in other sections where the same thing happens. None of them seemed to be fixed with one exception. When I went to Step 88 Build a Penguin it displayed correctly, but when I checked it again the instructions were hidden again.

The issue and PR were closed 2 weeks ago and I did not think there was anything I needed to do, but I thought I would check it out of curiosity.

Can I reopen the closed issue or should I open a new one? Here are the 3 links I originally submitted as having the bug:

Penguin section step 55

Penguin section step 82

Penguin section step 88

Would someone else verify that the instructions do not display at the top of the page on page load? Maybe it is my device or browser.

commenting on it to ask for it to be reopened, or opening a new one linking to the closed one

note though that the change of that PR may not have yet reached production

note though that the change of that PR may not have yet reached production

Oh, I did not realize that there was a delay between when a PR is merged and when you actually see the change on the front end. Maybe I should just wait then. I’m sure if Shaun put in a fix then it is fixed.

In the Github Readme is a link to the devops guide.

It says:

Typically, main (the default development branch) is merged into the prod-staging branch once a day and is released into an isolated infrastructure. This is an intermediate release for our developers and volunteer contributors. It is also known as our “staging” or “beta” release.

Once the developer team @freeCodeCamp/dev-team is happy with the changes on the staging platform, these changes are moved every few days to the prod-current branch. This is the final release that moves changes to our production platforms on

You can find an overview of the branches on Github.

The last update to prod-current: Updated 8 days ago by Ismailtlem.

The merge of your desired PR: ahmadabdolsaheb merged commit 7d1677f into freeCodeCamp:main 3 days ago.

So the PR was merged after the last change to prod-current and therefore is not in the final released version.

Before the PR will be in the final released version, it has to go from main (currently), to prod-staging, to prod-current.


Thank you, for reaching out.

To confirm, as others mentioned, the fix should work, but has yet to be built into our production pipeline.

The fix went in 3 days ago. So, it is more likely to be included in next week’s release.

Feel free to reach out again, if you have more questions.

Hope this clarifies

Since I was working on it I’ll check next week. How do I find out when the release happens? Is there something I can check on CodePen?

no, codepen doesn’t have that information

you can check the prod-current branch in GitHub tho, it will not say when’s the next deployment (that’s decided on a case by case basis), but you can see when the last one was

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