How do I solve Configuration property "jwt" and "DB" is not defined error

I am trying to push my web application (MERN stack) to Heroku but I keep getting this error

What I have tried in index.js

if (!config.get("jwtPrivateKey")) {
throw new Error('FATAL ERROR!!: jwtPrivateKey is not defined')


When I log their values they are all listed

at the config folder there are two files default.json and custom-environment-variables.json default.json

"jwtPrivateKey" : "",
"requiresAuth": false,


"jwtPrivateKey" : "RhinoJohn_jwtPrivateKey",
"DB": "Rhinojohn_DB"

When i run heroku config on the CLI i get all their values

I have checked this question but none of the answers solves my problem. How do i solve Configuration property “jwtPrivateKey” is not defined?? I’m out of options

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