How do i sync my local copy of FCC with my user of the Website

I’ve copy FCC by using Fork and all the theme with this guide how-to-setup-freecodecamp-locally
the purpose of this is to use the copy with out internet conection (Havent in my house) to keep learning.
Well, i was wondering if there’s some way to save my local progress, because after i close the services, when i start again (same computer) i’ve lost all my progress, it start from cero, apart of this, im really interested in sync my local user with the main page, so i can save my prgress ando work from there later or at least, keep it save.

Hope you can help me at least at keep my progress with my local user, so then i could keep learning. :grinning:

you can’t sync the two, but the only part you need to claim the certs is the projects, (you will also need to download the test suite I imagine for the front end projects to test them offline), once you have completed them you can then host them online and submit to the live website when you can, and claim the cert.

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