How do we declare multiple values to the same variable?

I want to declare multiple baseUrl here to a single variable for my User Search Bar -
const baseUrl = http://host:8082/user/phone and http://host:8082/user/email

Please Help !!!

Need more context as to why you want to do this: one variable represents one value, so in what situation would you want it to represent two things? How would you or the computer know what it was?

const baseUrls = [
const baseUrls = {
  phone: "http://host:8082/user/phone", 
  email: "http://host:8082/user/email",
const baseUrl = "http://host:8082/user";

// Somewhere else in the code:
const userPhone = `${baseUrl}/phone`;
const userEmail = `${baseUrl}/email`;

Please tell me how I do this?

import axios from "axios"

import { put, takeLatest } from "redux-saga/effects"

import { actions, t } from "./actions"

const baseUrl = "http://host:8082/user/phone"

function* loadUserData(action) {

const response = yield axios.get(`${baseUrl}/${}`)

yield put(actions.loadUserDataSuccess(


export function* watchLoadUserData() {

yield takeLatest(t.LOAD_USER_DATA, loadUserData)


Here inline 8 in the response variable, I want to pass for both email and phone URL so that I can search for the result through one search box at once.

You just make two requests: these are two separate endpoints, two separate locations. One request to the phone endpoint, one to the email endpoint.

const phoneResponse = yield axios.get(`${phoneUrl}/${}`);
const emailResponse = yield axios.get(`${emailUrl}/${}`)

const responseData = /* join the data in the above two responses together */;

yield put(actions.loadUserDataSuccess(responseData))

No programming language will allow you to have an arbitrary number of values assigned to one variable - you need to put them in a collection (the examples I showed, one was in an array, one in an object, and one attached the different paths to the common base url).

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