How do website sub pages get listed in the search results?

Hi Guys,

I’m wondering how certain websites get their sub-pages listed on search engines. I inspected the source and those links aren’t in the front page. Is this a hidden .css?


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When it comes to SEO, the simple answer is you can write up a sitemap file that allows web crawlers to easily index your site rather than leaving it up to them to determine your sites hierarchy. As for controlling the specific display in the search, I’m not sure on that.

This might be what you’re looking for:

Navigate to the Site Links section. Understand that by convention, this sort of behavior is not industry standard but has to do with how you interact with Google as your search engine. Results and behavior will vary across search engines.

I had a check and it does seem to be the correct term, thank you!

I found a few more things about it here, however it seems at the moment google decides this in an automated way (source).


That search engine wasn’t google (I specifically checked that to make sure it wasn’t a google only thing).