How do you create a rotating word in a sentence?

Hi all,

I’m working in Squarespace but can add custom code.

I want to use the sentence: " Who’s the best creative you’ve never met?"

But flick between “creative” and founder / writer / comedian / activist, so the words are rotating a bit like a slot machine.

Can anyone help?

Thanks so much!

It’s not clear to me what you are trying to do, but it sounds like you want to use CSS transform properties.

Hey Kevin! Here’s an example which hopefully helps:

So the rotating word I’d have would be ‘creative’

Right, using CSS transform. Can’t you just adapt that?

Probably if I knew what I was doing :sweat_smile:

Can’t seem to get it to work when I add it into Squarespace’s editor though.

Right, this is a learning site, so we mainly help people learn things. If you show us what you’ve tried, that might help. Maybe you could use codepen to try out these ideas.

This is also connected to the FCC learning site. The first certificate would give you a lot of the information you need on this - it even has a few challenges on CSS transforms.

Perhaps it’s something on the Squarespace side as I can get it to work in codepen / FCC. Will keep trying.


Yeah, I don’t know what their setup is. You may check and see if there is a forum for squarespace users - they may have more specific information.

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