How Do You Feel about Using Existing Bootstrap Themes for Your Own Portfolio Page or Client Work

Hey FFC Amigos!

As the title suggests I wanted to get feedback on about using some of the amazing Bootstrap themes that are out there in place of coding from scratch. Now obviously knowing how to customize and create your own themes is a great skill to have - and all dev’s should work towards such mastery - but using existing themes is such a time saver.

I am in the process of creating a landing page for a digital agency that I founded, and wonder if it is unethical to use an existing them that has all the functionality and design elements in place.
My query is not limited to Bootstrap, but other front-end platforms and CMS’ such as wordpress.

Please share your thoughts and happy coding!

If you use a free theme or provide the source and give credit to author I don’t see why it would be unethical. If you work for the client it’s always a good idea to speed up your work and use existing tools. Client will appreciate short time of development more than the fact that you create everything from the scratch. As for portfolio I wouldn’t use existing themes. Not that it’s unethical but I think it doesn’t show your skills well. If you want to show you’ve mastered Bootstrap you should make your own Bootstrap theme.